Bicycle Engagement | Mill District | Minneapolis MN

Meet Megan and Greg!
The weather in Minneapolis is so much fun that we had to schedule an impromptu photoshoot 2 days before their scheduled shoot so we could beat the week of rain!

We started off by the Lake of the Isles in Minneapolis to enjoy some sunshine!

We had to get some sport fan shots of course! ANNND ever since Megan started wearing the hat, the Twins have been winning…it’s not a coincidence!

Then off to the Mill district we went!

Megan and Greg said they weren’t dancers, but they seemed to move pretty well!

Oh, and then they totally nailed the DIP pose!

Greg and Megan love their bikes. Greg rides a fat-tire bike in the snow, and when it’s not snowing Greg and Megan ride their fold-up bikes around Minneapolis.

MeganGregLogo-2 MeganGregLogo-3

These two were so adorable, I had so much fun hanging out and taking photos with them! I cant wait for the wedding!



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