Minnehaha Falls |MN| Winter Engagement | Rachel and Willie

Since Rachel and Willie are getting married during the summer, they REALLY wanted winter engagement shots. Well, lucky for them, we live in Minnesota where winter tends to linger around just long enough! So, at one of the last snow falls of the season, we grabbed our coats and ran to Minnehaha falls park in Minneapolis, MN and got to take some beautiful (and cold) winter shots!

We started off by diving right into the snowy wonderland! Snow was still falling during the session.

Then we took cover under the pavilion where Rachel and Willie got to snuggle up and keep warm!


Then, the lovely couple got to cuddle under the blanket to keep warm and dry from the snow.


And nothing says WINTER like a frozen lake surrounded by snow! Brrr!

And, to warm back up, we headed to the local Caribou coffee.

And now the snow has started to melt (FINALLY) and we wait for the big wedding day!
Congrats to you both!





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