Bridal Booth Setup|PennyPhotographics

Ah! I’ve been waiting to put this post together forever!
This was how I setup my booth for the bridal show!

So, I have 4 panels total. Each 2 panels are hinged together using basic hinges. They are hinged on the back side so when you open the panels, they are flush-


As you will see, there is also part of a larger 4″ hinge on the side of each 2panel sections IMG_0024

Each 2 panel section is pushed together, and the hinge locks into place:



Then, you can easily add the pin to the hinges!


After that, all four panels are locked together. SO then we stand the wall up and hold onto it while I put on the side panel.


Using this little L shape brackety thing, I secure the side panel to the side- Top and bottom!

IMG_0030 IMG_0031

I do also have a small piece of trim uptop that’s just drilled in

IMG_0042 IMG_0043

Ta da!


The panels are essentially doors. Now, I had these custom made by reaching out to local people on craigslist who had handyman experience. But you can also order custom sized doors from homedepot etc.

Hope this helps!


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